My MA collection

At first glance my new collection might seem to stand out from the overall identity of my brand, but I do think it is very natural for this brand. I created my brand with an intention to express myself, my emotions and ideas through the garments that I produce and as I am getting older I discover more new contacts, interests and sorts of inspiration. The idea round which I am planning to develop my brand is expressing who you are not through stable and unchanged style but through constant development, growing, educating yourself and changing. Not ignoring the circumstances and the surroundings. The only things that I want to be permanent are eco-friendliness, quality and development.

As my surroundings have changed recently (with all the positive and negative processes that are taking part in my country and in the world), I feel like creating a more serious, thoughtful collection of the coats, which would express the changes that I have undergone myself. Yet, the interesting thing about this more traditional and formal collection will be bright colours and crazy patterns on the inside of the garments – it is my belief, there is always something bright and crazy in every person, and our clothes should reflect it, even if it is not seen at first glance. It is reminds me of rocks and minerals inside.

This collection of the coats and will be aimed at females from 17 to 55 who have a truly modern lifestyle in the full meaning of this word. This time i do not want to concentrate on an age at all, because I believe that real fashion has no nationality and age. My potencial customers are focused and busy but it does not mean that they do not want to express their individuality, mood and emotions in the conditions of highly intensive and fast rhythm of life which in large part dictated by technology and the Internet. My main here is to give all the women who like travelling, self-development, arts and their occupation an opportunity to express themselves in a comfortable way. They regularly attend different exhibitions and displays, visit galleries, theatres and various art-related hubs. These people are looking for something original, but at the same time not shocking or too striking. They want to stand out in an acceptable way. Moreover, as I like sports, I think it is an integral part of every young woman’s life to look after her body as well as her soul. This collection is for young brave soul who want to highlight their advantages rather that hide some drawbacks. These women are in search of the right balance between the inside and the outside, bright and mild.

My friends! Proudly present you my MA collection in London! Everyone is welcome!

Brick Lane Gallery


 The Brick Lane Gallery
216 Brick Lane, London E1 6SA,UK

Cambridge, England

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