Universal Studios Hollywood theme park

Unlike most other similar parks, Universal Studios Hollywood is an honest-to-goodness, working movie studio. It began in the mid-1960s as a modest backstage tour, taking guests to ogle sets and props from classic movies as well as TV shows and films that were in production on its backlot.

Over time it grew and morphed into more of a theme park by adding roller coasters, other thrill rides, and high-tech attractions, but maintained its focus on Tinseltown movies and culture.

Los Angeles, California, United States.
Photo: Sasha Glybina

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  1. Candris says:

    Universal Studios ? самая старая из ныне существующих голливудских киностудий, она была основана еще в 1912 году. Любимые фильмы миллионов зрителей снимались на ее площадках.


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