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ART IS GOD, about a creative healthy society that can give birth to new meanings, generate the latest ideas and developments, because it consciously does not want to fight and simply does not understand why.

Our coat of arms depicts a hovering falcon, and we would like to take it as a symbol of freedom as a strong symbol, and instead of a ballistic missile aimed at our homes – to release it up – in a bright better future.

Art Fuck War T-shirt

T-shirts with peaceful design can be purchased online by the phone messengers such as telegram, what’s ap, viber +380637006459 or on Instagram @sashaglybina

Art Fuck War T-shirt

The money raised from the sale will be reinvested in tailoring ammunition for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other military units.
Slava Ukraine 

© Sasha Glybina™
Ukraine, Lviv

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