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Paris is different.

You need to be feel that city, more or less. Here music is easily written, texts are simply composed and unreal sketches become upcoming collections. In Paris, it’s so easy to be yourself. The whole city is saturated with art.

Saint-Germain is my favorite quarter of Paris. This part is ruled by fashion. In particular, the streets around the Croix Rouge and Place Saint-Sulpice are filled with world-famous fashion stores, just west of the old Bon Marche department store exclusive items are being sold from the latest fashion shows. Closer to the river, the quarter is teeming with antique shops and art galleries.

And of course, the Luxembourg Garden, located on 25 hectares, in which students from all over the world spend their evenings for a crunch of baguette and a sip of Burgundy wine.

Paris for me is a creative core, powerful and strong. Paris – love you. J’adore paris!

Paris. France.
Photo: Sasha Glybina
October 2018

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